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In need of repair...

The Keuka Outlet Trail, one of Yates County's most valuable assets, is in need of repairs to ensure safety for the community and visitors. Several sections of the six-mile long trail from Penn Yan to Dresden are experiencing substantial bank erosion, threatening the viability of the trail.

The trail has experienced significant bank erosion due to the adjacent creek and from stormwater coming off the upland hills.

In certain areas the trail has been compromised to the extent where dangerous and impassable conditions are developing.

The trail is used by many people in the community for recreational and health purposes throughout the year. The trail also provides an economical value by helping bring tourists to the local area. There would be a significant community loss if the trail is not stabilized.

Seeing the value in this local landmark, the Yates County Industrial Development Agency has teamed with The Friends of the Outlet, Inc. to secure funding to ensure that the trail remains usable for residents and visitors. They have recently secured a NYSDOT TEA-21 matching grant to assist with completing these improvements.



Grants and other funds...

The only way to access the matching grant funds, however, is to obtain donations worth $135,000. Tax deductible donations can be in cash, labor, equipment use or material. So for every dollar raised for the project through donated cash, labor, equipment or materials, the project will earn $1.40 from the grant, for a total value of $2.40.

A project...

The proposed project includes multiple areas requiring stabilization of the creek's streambanks, channels crossing the trail, handrails along bridges and steep banks and other drainage improvements to provide a safe and usable trail.

The following is an approximate list of materials required for the project:

Select Backfill - 700 cubic yds

Stone Bedding - 240 cubic yds

Light Stone Fill - 30 cubic yds

Medium Stone Fill - 1,700 cubic yds

Trail stone dust - 300 cubic yds

Pressure treated lumber for railing and bridge decking

12" to 24" storm pipe to drain low spots and to replace old and undersized cross culverts

Catch basins to be placed in low spots to collect water

Boulders and or bollards to restrict vehicle traffic where needed

The following is a list of services requiring labor and equipment:

Trucking for delivery of materials

Construction equipment and operators needed for excavation and installation of materials

Tree removal in order to access work sites



The trail's continued use and access by the community to the many historical and naturally scenic locations are the primary benefits of this project. Retaining this valuable tourist draw will also benefit the community.

So please be generous and help us help the Outlet Trail for years to come. DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

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