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Brian Watson - Document and Website Designer

I grew up in Dresden, NY and played as a kid on the entire Trail.  As an adult, I still enjoy the natural surroundings and stress releaving tranquility that it brings. Among it's many stops of historical value, there are plenty of things that can lead to a great adventure outdoors.

If I were a Doctor, I would prescribe a walk on the Outlet Trail to anyone.

Dawn Olson

A wise co-worker once told me “In a Sea of Variability it’s always best to be an Isle of Calm”.  When work and personal obligations threaten to foster a full blown frenzy I find spending time on the trail to be that “isle of calm”.  Regardless of season, time of day, or conditions, the trail has a soul soothing effect.   There’s nothing as calming as gently trickling water, the rustle of the always energetic squirrels, or the special sight of wildlife caught unawares – a kind of experience most people may never have a chance to enjoy.  So, if you’re starting to get cabin fever this winter or if the work projects are higher than our snow banks, my recommendation of chicken soup for the soul is a good long walk or run on the trail.  Take your favorite four legged friend with you too!

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